To be honest, there are many more people who can tell you how to organise better than I can. (Seriously, I think my mom would not recover from the shock of me writing an article about organising…)

However, these are things I have found to be absolutely fundamental in keeping sane:

1. Keep an agenda
Unnecessary advice? Maybe, but I put EVERY SINGLE ACTIVITY in my agenda (apparently, this is a typical Dutch thing?), because I’d forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on.  All the course times, deadlines, meetings, parties – however seemingly insignificant. Double booking is NOT cool and forgetting a meeting is even worse.

2. Don’t buy things you won’t use
Some people use different coloured pens for different events, colour code pages in books to mark important passages, and have tons of stationery. Know which items are essential for you – blue and red pens, post-it notes, whatever – and only get those items. The rest is unnecessary clutter, and quite possibly a guilt trip when you don’t use them.

3. A clean room equals a clean mind
It is ridiculous how much a cleaned up room can help your mental state. Clean laundry, clean sheets, everything in place: it can really benefit your focus and peace of mind. It’s just nice to work in a well-organised space.

And hey, if all fails, there’s always this article about messiness and creativity to help boost your mood!

What is your #1 tip to staying organised? Leave your ideas in the comments section!

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